The Megahertz Wine Club

Bello Family Vineyards was established in Rutherford, part of California’s Napa Valley, in 2001 by the Bello family. The family, along with winemaker Ross Wallace, have established a reputation for producing only the highest quality vintages. Individuals who frequent Bello Family Vineyards may be interested in joining the Megahertz Wine Club. The Megahertz Wine Club […]

The Napa Valley Vintners Wine Writers Symposium

Bello Family Vineyard is a small-scale winery in Napa Valley, California owned by founder Michael Bello and his family. First planted in 2008, Bello Family Vineyard is located in central Rutherford County around the family’s French country estate. Outside of winemaking and a Nonna Nunzi food line, the owners of the vineyard are also engaged […]