The Megahertz Wine Club

Bello Family Vineyards
Bello Family Vineyards

Bello Family Vineyards was established in Rutherford, part of California’s Napa Valley, in 2001 by the Bello family. The family, along with winemaker Ross Wallace, have established a reputation for producing only the highest quality vintages. Individuals who frequent Bello Family Vineyards may be interested in joining the Megahertz Wine Club.

The Megahertz Wine Club represents a great opportunity for fans of Bello Family Vineyards (BFV) who would like to sample a broad array of vintages over the course of the year. Members of the club receive a variety of wines four times per year, with each delivery featuring three bottles. Deliveries range from the newest wines on the shelves to a selection of the vineyard’s deep library of championship caliber wines. Each delivery features tasting notes from the winemaker, a members-only exclusive.

In addition to receiving convenient, quality wine shipments throughout the year, there are several economic benefits to joining the Megahertz Wine Club. Members enjoy a 15 percent discount on all club shipments and any additional wines they order. The discount also applies to all Nona Nunzi and BFV products. Finally, certain wines and delivery options are made available only to Megahertz Wine Club members. Individuals can also sign up for the BFV mailing list to stay informed about new wines and other winery news.