A Note on Stephen Tanzer

Stephen Tanzer
Stephen Tanzer


Based in Rutherford, California, Bello Family Vineyards is a family-owned winery in the Napa Valley led by Michael Bello and his son Christopher Bello alongside an expert winemaker Russ Wallace. Bello Family Vineyards is committed to quality and has received high Stephen Tanzer ratings on a variety of wines.

A United States-based wine critic, Stephen Tanzer is widely revered for his wine knowledge and critical abilities. He produced the bimonthly International Wine Cellar, which he launched in 1985. The magazine was praised for both its independence and its down-to-earth approach and became a part of the Vinous website in 2014. Tanzer now serves as Editor-in-Chief of the website.

Tanzer is especially knowledgeable in the wines of Piedmont, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and California, and he has published both wine buying and wine reference guides. Additionally, he has penned articles for Food & Wine. He is also a reviewer of wines and developed a 100-point scale. Wines that rank between 95 and 100 are considered extraordinary and wines that rank between 70 and 74 are deemed below average. His ratings can be found on www.wine-searcher.com.