Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Rating System for Wine

The Award-Winning Wines of Bello Family Vineyards


A family-owned vineyard in Napa Valley, California, Bello Family Vineyards opened in 2004 and produces three exceptional types of wine: Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Megahertz Cabernet Sauvignon. Bello Family Vineyards wines have scored high marks on the Robert Parker’s rating system, which employs a 50-100 point scale to judge the quality of wine.

Wine connoisseur and critic Robert Park developed the 100-point rating system for wine in order to expand upon the various 20-point rating systems already in existence. He believed the 20-point systems failed to offer the necessary flexibility for a thorough rating and too often resulted in compressed and inflated wine ratings. Dubbed the Wine Advocate Rating System, it takes a critical approach to wine with a focus on not overestimating its quality.

The Wine Advocate’s numerical point system encourages peer-group tastings with single-blind conditions, meaning that producer’s names are withheld from wine connoisseurs during the tasting. It requires that wines be at their correct temperatures and that price and reputation do not affect the rating. Furthermore, the rating system gives every wine a base of 50 points and awards a certain amount of points for factors such as general appearance, aroma, flavor, and potential for further improvement over time.

According to the point system, a rating of 96 to 100 equates to a wine of extraordinary quality and complex character, and a 90 to 95 means an outstanding wine with exceptional character. A rating of 80 to 89 is an above average wine and rating of 70 to 79 means average.

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