The Napa Valley Vintners Wine Writers Symposium

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Napa Valley Vintners

Bello Family Vineyard is a small-scale winery in Napa Valley, California owned by founder Michael Bello and his family. First planted in 2008, Bello Family Vineyard is located in central Rutherford County around the family’s French country estate. Outside of winemaking and a Nonna Nunzi food line, the owners of the vineyard are also engaged in the Napa Valley Vintners organization.

Founded in 1944, the Napa Valley Vintners is a nonprofit trade association that represents the Napa Valley regional wine industry. The organization, which represents over 500 members, works to promote Napa Valley as a premier wine destination. In addition, the Vintners are heavily engaged in the local community and operate a number of signature programs to foster economic development.

The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers is one signature program of the Napa Valley Vintners. Held annually, the symposium allows career wine writers and critics the opportunity to develop their skills and network with other professionals. The event includes renowned speakers, wine tastings, workshops, and individual writing activities to those who attend. For additional information on the event, visit